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Get toned and healthy here This neighbourhood is no stranger to the fitness craze. Since studios offer almost every conceivable type of class, working out can be (almost) as fun as staying home and watching Netflix. Even people who don’t like yoga end up loving the hot yoga at Moksha Yoga Downtown ( 577 Wellington West, 416-361-3033, Class levels and lengths vary to suit your needs. An energy exchange program lets yogis on a tight budget trade volunteer hours at the studio for unlimited yoga. Those looking for something a bit more athletic will love Quad Spin ( 580 King West, 416203-1811, Easily bored types should take advantage of the live DJ and glowin-the- dark spin classes, while the freakishly fit can indulge in strenuous three-hour rides. Don’t judge Flirty Girl Fitness (580 King West, 416-920-1400, by its name. Sure, there are the pole tricks and chair striptease workshops, but also seriously hardcore cardio and strength classes. This women- only gym doesn’t go easy on you, but always adds a dose of fun and sass to even the most gruelling workouts. Want cardio, core, endurance, balance, strength and flexibility all in one? Check out Studio Lagree’s ( 788 King West, 416-901-4788, classes using the Megaformer, a Pilates machine that doesn’t fool around. This is a great workout for those with injuries, because no impact is involved. Classes are a bit pricey, so you may want to supplement your regimen with other options.